Kerry Fianna Fáil TD, John Brassil has said that the insurance industry in Ireland must clarify the exact positon with regard to the reporting of penalty points to insurers and the impact on a driver’s cover.

Deputy Brassil was commenting following a number of queries that he has received from constituents who are concerned about the validity of their policies.

“Most drivers assume that they are only required to inform their insurers when it is time to renew their insurances that they have received penalty points”

“However, it has come to light that some insurers now expect policy holders to inform the company as soon as they are received.”

“If they aren’t informed, policies may become null and void, leaving the policy holders in a very precarious situation.”

“This is a very serious issue, and one which will be very disconcerting to thousands of drivers in the county.”

“By the end of September, 144,956 drivers across the country had received penalty points this year. The vast majority of who are probably unaware of the requirement to inform their insurers as soon as they receive them.”

“Insurance Ireland has informed me that certain policies expect a ‘continuing duty of disclosure from the insured party’ over and above disclosures at the renewal of premiums. This will be news to a lot of motorists, and unless they have read, in detail, the fine print of their policies, will put them at risk of voiding their policies.”

“The insurance industry has an obligation to clarify the rules regarding the reporting of penalty points, and ensure that an awareness campaign is rolled out to educate and inform policy holders.”

“The constituents who have been in touch with me are deeply concerned that a) their policies might be void and b) they were unaware of it, and the implications for them as drivers.”

“Drivers need clarity on this issue. The impact of potentially thousands of uninsured drivers on our roads could be incredibly serious. I would urge any motorist who has been affected by this loophole to get in touch with me, and let me know what happened their policy” concluded Brassil.