The EU, Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands are currently meeting in Reykjavik for the 11th occasion in an effort to end the massive overfishing of mackerel.
Pat the Cope Gallagher MEP today urged “all involved in the talks in Reykjavik to take a pragmatic and sensible attitude as regards the sharing of the mackerel stock otherwise the long term sustainability of a healthy mackerel stock will be put in jeopardy.”
In response to the ongoing crisis the Committee on Fisheries in the European Parliament appointed Pat the Cope Gallagher to oversee the introduction of new trade measures against non EU countries engaged in unsustainable fishing practices.
According to Mr. Gallagher “The European Parliament will not be found wanting when it comes to the introduction of tough measures against non EU countries engaged in unsustainable and reckless fishing practices.”
“I will propose to the Fisheries Committee when we meet on the 29th of February to go further than the Commission proposal so as to include all fish and fishery products as it appears that the talks may once more end without agreement.”
“I sincerely hope that the proposed measures will never be used. However, these new measures will result in serious economic consequences for countries that play Russian roulette with our shared resources.”