Fianna Fáil Education Spokesperson Charlie McConalogue has accused the Government of another election stunt after it published the Technological Universities Bill, despite the fact that not all of the details have been made available.

Deputy McConalogue commented, “It is now obvious that the Government is trying to rush out legislation just weeks before the election, despite the fact that it has no chance of being enacted before the country goes to the polls.  This Bill has been five years in the making, yet despite the amount of time which has been spent on it, the document published today is remarkably short on detail.

“How can Minister O’Sullivan claim credit for this Bill, when the full details are not even known?  This is just another example of how far the Government will go with its PR drive.  The fact of the matter is the Government has been delaying this Bill for years and is now trying to use it as an election gimmick.  If it were serious about the Bill, the full details would have been published, rather than an announcement that the specifics would be released over the next few days.

“This Bill will never see the light of day because of this Government’s failure to prioritise education, and the university sector in particular.  There are only weeks before the General Election is called and the chances of this Bill being passed before then are next to impossible.  This is a huge opportunity missed and is a damning indictment of this Government’s commitment to education issues”.