Responding to a question in the Dáil this morning from Fianna Fáil Finance Spokesperson Michael McGrath, Taoiseach Enda Kenny ruled out any changes to the family home tax despite recent public protestations from disgruntled FG backbenchers.

Deputy McGrath stated, “During this morning’s order of business, I asked the Taoiseach if the government had any plans to use the forthcoming Finance Bill to amend the property tax and the Taoiseach responded with a firm ‘No’. In doing so, the Taoiseach has publicly rejected the calls for changes to the tax from FG backbenchers who already voted the tax through the Dáil.

“Low and middle income families are going to be particularly hard hit by the tax on family homes which comes into effect on 1 July. Homeowners in Dublin, Cork and other major urban centres feel aggrieved that they are going to be the major losers under the new property tax regime. FG backbenchers – who voted the tax through en bloc last December – have been getting it in the neck from constituents since Christmas and have spent the last few weeks calling for the tax to be changed. The Taoiseach gave them their answer this morning.

“The tax on family homes introduced by this government takes no account of ability to pay and will push many low and middle income families over the financial cliff. It is a deeply unfair and regressive measure, and the government has completely ignored the reality that many families will simply not have the means to pay this tax.”