FF Leader Micheál Martin has used Leaders’ Questions in the Dáil today to press the Taoiseach on his strategy to bring an end to the plight of Vita Cortex workers.

Deputy Martin’s intervention came as he published correspondence with the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement.  The correspondence demonstrates that relying on the systems currently in place will not bring the matter to a speedy resolution.

Deputy Martin commented, “The Vita Cortex dispute has been allowed to drag on for too long.  It is important that all political parties continue to work together on this, but I was keen today to press the Taoiseach on what is actually being done.  Warm words of support are fine, but what is actually being done by Government?

“At the weekend, the Taoiseach told us that he would meet with Richard Bruton.  I asked him about this in the Dáil today and the closest thing I got to an answer was that VC workers have to exhaust the current process.

“This isn’t good enough.  Workers are already exhausted by over 50 days of having to occupy as factory.  Today a Government TD announces that he is to write to the ODCE to demand an investigation.  This is good for headlines, but doesn’t move the situation on one inch.  As far back as late December I went through this process on behalf of workers.  Today I publish this letter and the response from ODCE.  In my view, the absence of any meaningful reply emphasises the point that Government need to get active on this, the Taoiseach needs to stop worrying about the latest line, think outside the box and let these people get on with their lives.  The current process does not seem to be working.”