Fianna Fáil Finance Spokesperson Michael McGrath TD has called for clarity on the Government’s budget policy following the contradictory statements from two of the most senior Ministers over the last 24 hours.


Deputy McGrath commented, “It is deeply worrying to watch the growing contradictions and conflict within the Cabinet as it faces into its first genuine test.  Up to now, Ministers have been accepting praise for decisions they didn’t make and for policies they opposed just months ago.  Now that they are required to actually make serious decisions, we see confusion and contradiction, with senior Ministers taking to the airwaves to undermine colleagues.


“The country and the economy need certainty at this time.  We need clarity on what the budgetary policy of Government is so that families can make plans and have the confidence to start spending in the real economy.  While Pat Rabbitte might feel that sowing confusion helps the political standing of his Labour Party, it certainly helps no one else. 


“The Taoiseach needs to act quickly to clarify the Government’s position.  Is it accepting the view of the Fiscal Council as recommended by the Minister for Finance and others, or is it going to make a political decision based on the intervention of Pat Rabbitte?


“If the Government loses all cohesion and unity of purpose as it faces the first and most fundamental test since taking up office, people will rightly worry whether it actually has the ability to continue the process of recovery initiated by the last Government.”