Fianna Fáil Leader Micheál Martin TD has again called on the Taoiseach and the Minister for Health to finally admit there has been a policy change in relation to medical cards and he further called for these cuts to be reversed with immediate effect.

In the Dáil today Deputy Martin again raised a number of cases he has come across that prove there has been a change in Government policy in relation to discretionary medical cards.

“I find it very difficult to comprehend how the Taoiseach can continually deny there has not been a change in policy in relation to discretionary medical cards. I raised a number of very disturbing cases today in the Dáil where children with rare conditions; downs syndrome, motor neuron disease and many more have lost medical cards

“Junior Minister at the Department of Health, Alex White, has admitted in response to a parliamentary question that this year 10,000 discretionary medical cards have been taken from people.

“How can the Taoiseach refuse to acknowledge there has been a change? The Taoiseach told me previously that anybody entitled to a medical card would receive one, which is not true.

“Families have been devastated by the removal of their children’s medical cards; to then see the government continually deny there has been a change is nothing short of an insult.

“This has been on-going for six months and the treatment of these children and their families has been shameful.

“I am calling for the Taoiseach to finally stand up and admit there has been a change in policy. The medical cards that have been wrongly taken off thousands of sick children and they must be restored.”