Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Transport Timmy Dooley has warned that Fine Gael and Labour have embarked on a series of series of leaks, promises and pledges that cannot be taken with any degree of seriousness in light of their record of broken promises.

Deputy Dooley was commenting on the Tánaiste’s promise to increase the State by €25 a week by 2021.

He said: “A party languishing in single digits in the polls has no business making commitments about what it will do in the next Government.  But that is what we can expect from Labour for next nine weeks or so.”

Deputy Dooley said: “The Tánaiste has actually spoken of the need for a “threshold and standard of decency”.  This is a really positive and welcome suggestion but unfortunately it is coming from someone who has been at the heart of government for the last five years and who has implemented over a billion euro in cuts hitting thousands of older people.

“Joan Burton, who talks of a ‘threshold of decency’, removed the telephone allowance from the homes of older people all across this country.  The reality is nothing the government says in the next nine weeks can be taken with any degree of seriousness.

“What we’re witnessing now are two parties in a desperate scramble to win back votes lost because of broken promises and bad government decisions.  Fine Gael and Labour are going to try to paper over the gaping cracks they have left in our society, driven by their unfair, two-tier recovery, with yet more promises.  It’s not good enough and I don’t think voters will buy it.”

Deputy Dooley also commented on the suggestion that Fine Gael is on course of an overall majority in the next Dáil, comments attributed to the party’s long-standing ally Frank Flannery.  Deputy Dooley said it highlights “a whole new level of arrogance and disrespect for voters for Fine Gael henchmen to be raising the prospect of an overall majority for a party that has deliberately decided to ignore some of the most serious problems facing the country.

“For example:

The party that has done next to nothing on the social housing crisis wants an overall majority after 5 years of failure;

The party that still allows the banks to rule the roost on mortgage arrears resolution and has done nothing to tackle the outrageous imbalance in interest rates wants an overall majority after 5 years of failure;

The party that was going to revolutionise the entire health service and put us on track for utopia but has instead dumped its own minister and architect of the plan, as well as the plan itself, wants an overall majority after 5 years of failure;

The party that has gone through our policing and justice system with a wrecking ball and completely demoralised rank and file gardaí wants an overall majority after 5 years of failure;

“My party rejects Fine Gael’s outrageous attempts to run the next election as some sort of coronation for five more years of Enda Kenny.  Voters have a real choice in the next election.  We respect the voters of this country and despite what dizzying heights of arrogance Fine Gael might reach in the next nine weeks the voters will have their say on this Government’s record of failures, broken promises and delusions.”