Fianna Fáil Leader Micheál Martin TD has responded to the news that another, third bailout has been agreed with the Greek Government.  Deputy Martin criticised the fact that game playing and irresponsible politics over the course of the last number of months has required a massive increase in the size and scope of this morning’s package.

Deputy Martin commented, “The price to be paid by the Greek people as a result of the third bailout is a heavy one.  It is a heavier price than was required just ten days ago, but the game playing, brinkmanship and irresponsible politics employed by the Syriza Government have brought us to this point.

“Over ten days, a crisis has been escalated into a full scale catastrophe, with the Greek banks and economy in an even worse place than they were before.  Consequently, the cost of the bailout and the financial consequences for Ireland have also increased.

“Even as news of the scale of this third bailout begins to sink in, there continue to be those in Ireland who champion the approach taken by Syriza and recommend its repetition here and elsewhere.

“This is dishonest politics and insults the intelligence of the Irish people. The Greek economy is close to total collapse, the banks are closed and it is the Greek people who are bearing the brunt of this failure of politics.  Meanwhile, we have people in positions of political responsibility in this country praising the ideology.

“Now that initial talks have concluded and the process of Greece’s third bailout is in train, we need to see basic principles of solidarity come to the fore and the key questions around debt sustainability being given proper consideration.”