Fianna Fáil Finance Spokesperson, Michael McGrath said:

“As someone who has marked Minister Michael Noonan across the floor of the Dáil for the past six years, I would like to acknowledge the significant role he has played in public life, and of course, in managing the Irish economy.

“Of course, there have been many occasions where Minister Noonan and I disagreed on policy, but throughout every one of those disagreements, I have no doubt that he was motivated by a desire to always act in the national interest.

“Despite being a formidable politician and parliamentarian, I developed considerable respect for him, and we, I believe, had a good working relationship.

“In that respect, he rightly deserves credit for managing a successful exit from the Troika programme. He will no doubt be satisfied about the state of the Irish economy he is leaving, which while not without significant challenges, is generally performing well.

“Last year, he was a pivotal figure during the negotiations on the ‘Confidence and Supply’ agreement between our respective parties, during which his steady hand, quick wit and wealth of experience were used to good effect.

“In particular, I would like to thank him for his courtesy and openness as we navigated our way through the first Budget under that agreement last October.

”As he leaves government, I wish him good health and all the best for the future, and I sincerely hope he gets to enjoy more time with his family and friends,” concluded McGrath