Fianna Fáil Leader, Micheál Martin has this morning expressed his deepest sorrow and sympathies to the loved ones of those who lost their lives, and those who were injured, in last night’s heinous attack in Manchester.

“To attack a group of young people in such a cowardly way is simply abhorrent to the vast majority of people in Ireland, and I know that the people of Ireland stand in solidarity with the people of Manchester.

“As a parent, I find this attack exceptionally difficult to comprehend, and while details are limited at present, it’s clear that whoever orchestrated this attack cares little for basic decency and humanity.

“The ties between Ireland and Manchester run deep, but we know that the people of Manchester are strong and resilient and will rise above this barbaric attack on innocence.

“In the days and weeks to come, we will be praying for those who have lost their lives, and those who were injured,” concluded Martin.