“Fianna Fáil had intensive discussions this evening on the Government’s Rental Strategy published earlier today.

“We are pleased that Fine Gael have abandoned their long held view that there should be no interference in the rental sector and that the market alone should decide on rental levels.  We also want to acknowledge that Fine Gael have included large parts of Fianna Fáil’s recommendations from our recent submission on rent reviews.

“However, we have genuine concerns with elements of the current model as outlined and with its limited geographical scope. We are anxious that other cities be added immediately and will be asking that Galway, Limerick, Waterford and large population centres surrounding Dublin and Cork city are included from day one.

“We are not satisfied that the proposed 4% increase is appropriate and we also believe that tax incentives for landlords should be part of the package.

“I am open to further discussions with Minister Coveney to address these outstanding issues.”