Ireland is exposed to significant nuclear risk due to the location of active and inactive nuclear plants along the west coast of the UK – Sellafield being the most well known of these plants.

The arrest last week of 5 men outside the Sellafield plant under the Terrorist Act was highlighted in the European Parliament today by Liam Aylward, MEP for Ireland East.

Speaking following the debate in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on “Nuclear safety 25 years after Chernobyl” Liam Aylward MEP called on the Irish government to clarify whether or not they have received a full security briefing from the British government.

Liam Aylward MEP stated:

“Irish citizens need to be assured that their government is being briefed about any threats by the British Government and informed of what is being done to protect them from security related threats on their doorstep.”

“It is essential that the European Commission takes a leadership role on this important issue and that detailed and comprehensive information is shared with neighbouring countries and the European Commission so that action can be taken and that effective and responsive safety plans can be drawn up to protect and assist citizens.”