I was very sorry to hear the sad news this morning of Brian Lenihan’s passing.
I wish to extend my sympathies to his family and friends and especially to his wife Patricia, his son Tom, his daughter Claire, his mother, Mrs Anne Lenihan, his brothers, Paul, Niall and Conor, his sister Anita, and his aunt Mary O’Rourke and other family members.  
Brian Lenihan was a good colleague and friend of mine for many years.  
I knew him to be a man of ability and intelligence who was totally committed to public service.  
We served together in the Dáil, in the Fianna Fáil Parliamentary Party and the Government for many years.  
I worked closely with him especially in the period I was Taoiseach and Brian was Minister for Finance.
He sought to serve the best interests of this country at all time.  
At the Cabinet table, I saw at first-hand how hard he worked and how committed he was to doing his utmost for Ireland.  
He made an immense contribution to dealing with the problems the country has faced and I believe that this will be appreciated all the more in time.  
His commitment and application to his duties never faltered at any time.
He had political courage but he also had huge personal fortitude as well particularly during the period of his recent illness.  
He will be remembered fondly, with great affection and with respect by all who knew him.  His passing is a great loss to our country and also, of course, to the Fianna Fáil Party.