Fianna Fáil Justice Spokesperson, Jim O’Callaghan TD, has said it is imperative that the State meet all commitments specified under the Magdalene Restorative Justice Scheme in order to compensate those who were cruelly mistreated while resident and working in the laundries.

The Deputy raised the delays in respect of implementing a number of the schemes obligations with the Minister for Justice in Dáil Éireann yesterday.

Speaking in the Dáil he said, “It is five months since the State Ombudsman published his report on the Magdalene Restorative Scheme to deal with the great disservice done to Irish women who served in laundries.

“Several recommendations contained in the report have not yet been complied with by the Minister and his Department. It is my firm belief that these outstanding recommendations, which remain unaddressed, must be dealt with and implemented in full.

“It is regrettable that women who worked in the Magdalene Laundries as young children but who were registered on the rolls of other children’s institutions have still not yet been redressed under the scheme. That matter must be dealt with.

“It is crucial too that an independent reviewer is appointed to reassess the applications of women given payments which reflect less than the time they stated they had spent in the laundries.

“The Ombudsman has provided evidence of a great deal of maladministration within the Department in terms of the operation of this scheme.

“Many of the women who worked in the Magdalene Laundries have not received the full health and community care package recommended by Mr. Justice Quirke and have been very significantly impacted as a result of being denied that care.

He concluded, “We must be mindful that we are dealing with a limited number of vulnerable women; the State owes them an obligation to honour its commitments and must ensure a more generous application of the scheme.”