Fianna Fáil’s Business Spokesperson, Billy Kelleher has said that the decision of Socialist and other hard left TDs to oppose the Draft Withdrawal Treaty between the EU and the United Kingdom demonstrates their inability to ever put their country ahead of their own political objectives.

Deputy Kelleher was commenting after nine members of Dáil Éireann, mainly Socialist Party TDs and other hard left deputies, attempted to call a vote on the Treaty last night in the Dáil.

“As I have said repeatedly, instability is the enemy of investment, and we cannot afford any instability as we enter this critical phase of negotiations.

“I just find it ludicrous that these deputies would oppose the delivery of a backstop in the event of a hard Brexit and no better deal is on offer.

“Mick Barry’s claims this morning that the Treaty is ‘anti-worker’ are simply not credible. Is he actually claiming that no-deal is pro worker? Or does he believe that the farmers and those working in the agri-food sector aren’t in fact ‘workers’ based on his far-left ideology?

“As for the Socialist Party’s continuing opposition to the European project, they showed their true colours earlier this month when ‘The European Union has been central to waging a war on workers’ was published on their website.

“The European Union has ensured that some of the most pro-worker legislation is now on the Statute Book.

“What is at the heart of the Socialist Party’s opposition to this treaty and the European Union is their self-serving desire to make political gains.

“The Socialist Party has picked their side. They are now on the same side as the DUP, the hard-right Brexiteers in the Tory Party and the hard-left fanatics in the UK Labour Party.

“In their minds, nothing works unless it is organised on a socialist basis. Nothing is of value unless it comes from them. It’s an ideology that is better suited to the former Soviet Union or modern-day North Korea than modern Ireland.

“Last night, we had an opportunity to put forward a united front with a unanimous vote, by acclamation, in support of the Draft Withdrawal Treaty. The Socialist Party and their fellow hard-left travellers showed their true colours. They are incapable of putting the green jersey on,” concluded Kelleher.