Fianna Fáil TD for Tipperary, Jackie Cahill has said that the passage of the Social Welfare, Pensions and Civil Registration Bill 2018 will ensure that women and men who took time out to care for a child or loved one will receive credit when their pensions are being calculated.

“This is a very important change which Fianna Fáil has consistently campaigned for. The bill allows for 20 years of Home Caring while calculating the State Contributory Pension.

“Fundamentally this will help right a wrong created by the last Fine Gael/Labour government in Budget 2012 when band changes resulted in many women losing out in terms of their weekly pension.

“The passage of the Social Welfare Pension and Civil Registration Bill will go some way atowards rectifying the disastrous changes to the Contributory Pension introduced by Fine Gael and Labour in 2012.

“Whilst not a complete panacea the legislation currently going through the house will at least undo some of the problems created by the 2012 change, but I am mindful that despite these welcome changes the pension system is far from perfect and further reforms are required. It is essential that going forward we create a pension system that are fair, equitable and sustainable.

“What is very important is that no one can lose out or see their pension cut under this new calculation. This is a very positive move and one which will support hundreds if not thousands of Tipperary people.

“Once the recalculation is made, arrears, back dated to March 2018, or a person’s 66th birthday, will be paid from March 2019.

“My office is ready to support and assist and pensioners who have questions with regard to this process. Please feel free to drop into the office on Parnell Street in Thurles or call 050424632,” concluded Cahill.