Fianna Fáil Seanad Spokesperson on Agriculture, Paul Daly, has criticised the senseless behaviour of some young people working on farms.

He was commenting after videos emerged on popular social media channel TikTok of mostly young people engaging in very dangerous activities.

Senator Daly who has long advocated for farm safety, had introduced a Farm Safety Agency Bill in the last Seanad which would create a stand-alone body focused on improving safety for Irish farmers and their families.

He explained, “I was absolutely horrified watching those videos. There have been so many tragedies on Irish farms over the past few months, many of them involving small children. These idiots acting in this way are showing contempt for what these families have experienced.

“As was shown through the videos, a lot of what took place happened on public roads and it is only right that the Gardaí are called on to investigate and where possible penalise these people for their actions.

“For my part I will be writing to officials in TikTok and asking that they take responsibility for the videos posted on their platform and remove these types of videos immediately. I do not believe this is any impingement on rights, I simply believe that videos which encourage, promote, or glorify dangerous challenges should not be allowed to remain online,” concluded Senator Daly.