Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Justice Niall Collins has repeated his party’s calls for a Commission of Inquiry to be set up to investigate allegations of abuse which were not dealt with by the respective justice systems on both sides of the border.  His comments come following fresh allegations of Sinn Fein cover ups reported in today’s Sunday Independent.

Deputy Collins stated, “I am sickened by the latest revelations this morning, which claim that Sinn Fein covered up the sexual abuse of hundreds of school boys by a deceased priest in the Newry area.  The report quotes former IRA and Sinn Fein activist Brendan Curran who alleges that he was stopped by the republican movement ten years ago of raising this issue as it “was a negative story “.  This is an appalling revelation and highlights once again the provisional movement’s double standards.

“Mr. Curran’s insights into the workings of Sinn Fein in communities in the North are revelatory.

“These latest claims, combined with the testimonies of Mairia Cahill and Paudie McGahon, are frightening and raise very serious question marks about Sinn Fein’s track record in protecting serial child abusers from the full rigours of the law.  This is surreal given Ireland’s dark history of sexual abuse.  These accusations cannot and should not be ignored.

“We need to see a cross border Commission of Inquiry set up to fully investigate these cover ups. It must be a legally empowered, independent inquiry.  Nothing else is acceptable.  Those who have sought to pervert criminal investigations must be held accountable for their actions so that the victims of these horrific crimes can be afforded the justice they deserve”.