Fianna Fáil Environment Spokesperson Barry Cowen TD has criticized Sinn Féin for its hypocrisy and misinformation on water charges. “The Fianna Fáil position on water charges is clear. We will end them. This is a critical part of our manifesto commitment to cut costs for families. Abolishing water charges will save ordinary families €800 over the next five years.”

“In contrast Sinn Fein MEPs have voted in favour of water charges in European Parliament. In September 2015 their MEPs voted in favour of “providing for the application of a progressive charge that is proportional to the amount of water used.”  It’s clear that there official position when they go abroad is that they support water charges. This is more hypocrisy from Sinn Fein and was topped off by their leader Gerry Adams falsely claiming that families would save €260 under Sinn Fein’s proposals. It’s clear that Sinn Fein is saying one thing in Europe and then saying another when they come home. People can fairly question how real is their manifesto pledge on water charges it they are willing to vote in favour of them only six months ago.”

“Fianna Fáil is committed to ending water charges and saving ordinary families €800 over the next five years. Its time Sinn Fein gets their numbers right and comes clean with people on its position.

“Fianna Fáil did not make its policy on Irish Water lightly and it is not subject to change due to lobbying.  Further, attempts to put pressure on the political system through a heightened campaign of briefings in the media I believe are counter-productive,” Deputy Cowen concluded.