Fianna Fáil TD for Louth, Declan Breathnach, has said the shooting of a man in Drogheda earlier today demonstrates the level of depravity the thugs who carry out these acts will sink to. Deputy Breathnach was commenting following the shooting of a man in Hardmans Garden’s in the town. 

Deputy Breathnach said, “The shooting of a man in broad daylight, in the vicinity of schools, a church and shops is deplorable. Any number of innocent people could have been caught up in the attack. It is the ordinary citizens who are suffering at the hands of a minority.

“This is the third feud related incident in a week and these thugs are terrorising communities with arson, knife and gun attacks.  This feud has been ongoing for over a year now and along with a greater Garda presence I believe there should be harsher penalties for those convicted.

“The Fianna Fáil Bail (Amendment) Bill 2017 would oblige judges to refuse bail in serious offences where the court is satisfied is it necessary to prevent further offences being carried out. 

“I would like to see this legislation implemented without delay. It’s high time these thugs realised they are not in the Wild West, they will not be pandered to and allowed to continue the reign of terror on innocent communities,” concluded Deputy Breathnach.