Local Fianna Fáil TD for Dublin Mid-West, John Curran has called for an immediate end to the go slow approach to developing the local infrastructure required to kick-start the provision of essential housing.

New information received by the Deputy through Parliamentary Question reveals that less than 2% of the funding allocated to 15 Local Authorities through the Local Infrastructure Housing Activation Fund (LIHAF), has been drawn down for use.

Deputy Curran commented, “In October 2016, €266 million worth of funding was ring fenced for a number of local authorities nationwide to provide the infrastructure necessary to kick start housing development in their region.

“The Government has previously committed to the delivery of 3,000 new homes in Dublin Mid-West by 2021 based on the LIHAF available to our Local Authority.

“Over €27million was made available to South Dublin County Council to provide the key infrastructure necessary to prompt housing development in the area yet not a single cent of this fund has been touched to date.

“The areas identified by South Dublin County Council are all prime urban sites suitable for social and affordable housing development. It is therefore difficult to fathom why such funding wouldn’t be drawn down to urgently aid the construction of housing and alleviate the market.

“It is very disappointing to learn that there is no sense of urgency to utilise this available funding considering that so many families and young couples in the locality are desperate for housing.

“Week in week out this Government are claiming to be doing everything it can to allay the crisis in homelessness, particularly here in Dublin, but that is clearly not the case given the abysmal uptake of local authority funding. More must be done to encourage the use of the €27 million fund in South Dublin.

“If anything, the information I have recently received emphasises the severe lack of political will to reduce the pressure on the housing market by providing more units,” he concluded.