Fianna Fáil Councillor Michael Sheehan has announced the details of a new pilot project offering free study sessions to exam students in the New Ross area. 

In association with FDYS Youthwork Ireland, it is planned to train a team of volunteers to deliver tutorials to students interested in additional lessons in a casual environment.  Volunteers can sign up using a “volunteer here” link on the FDYS website Closely working with the schools a schedule of programmes will be arranged and then offered to people to attend on first come first serve basis.

Councillor Sheehan commented: “The goal is to provide free expertise to students who face exams and can’t access fee paying seminars.  The “Give Back Project” is designed with two objectives in mind: (1) to enable post primary students access to talk with professionals and graduates who have specific expertise; (2) to enable professionals advance their skills and assist students with issues they have relating to their studies.  Either way, the capacity of the community is enriched and builds a stronger sense of solidarity.

“Give Back” is a free, optional programme of tutorials and Q&A sessions given by professionals for students wanting in depth help with their exam subjects.  In the relaxed atmosphere of the Shambles drop in centre, students get real-time expertise from those working in the field or with a specialty in the area.

“Any student interested can stop by for one session or as many as they wish – it’s free and secure.  The venue is ideal as it combines a casual relaxed environment of a drop in centre, modern facilitates of a school with dedicated professionals.

“I hope this pilot project works and maybe serves as a model for future roll outs – it’s vital that we unlock the social capital we have out there and give all students a level playing field to illustrate the brilliant drop in centre which took a decade to secure,” added Cllr Sheehan.

Speaking about the pilot project, CEO of FDYS, Kieran Donohoe said that the Shambles drop-in centre is a brilliant facility for such a project- safe, secure, modern and open to all.  We are delighted to be part of this pilot and feel it’s very important that we all come together to empower our young people and harness all the fantastic talent that is out there.  We look forward to seeing a very positive outcome.