Fianna Fáil Director of Elections for the Stability Treaty Referendum Timmy Dooley has welcomed today’s ruling by the High Court which upholds statements made by the independent Referendum Commission.

Deputy Dooley said: “This blatant political stunt by Sinn Féin is another example of its very cynical campaign to mislead and confuse voters.  It has failed.  The High Court has confirmed the independence and good faith of the Referendum Commission.  It demonstrates the lengths Sinn Féin is willing to go to in order to muddy the waters ahead of the tomorrow’s vote and proves the party is only concerned with advancing its own narrow political agenda and not supporting what is in Ireland’s best interests.

“I welcome the ruling from the High Court and the clarity that this provides.  Sinn Féin cannot be allowed to deliberately distract voters from the crucial decision to be made tomorrow.

“A strong yes vote to the Stability Treaty will send out an important message – that we want to play a full and active role in recovery and growth in Ireland and across Europe. 

“Fianna Fáil has never suggested that this treaty is the only answer to all of Ireland’s problems but it is clear that this treaty addresses a fundamental need for Ireland to be able to access secure and affordable funding in the years ahead if we need it.  This is extremely important for certainty and stability for the country and I am urging people to come out and support the treaty tomorrow.”