The Fianna Fáil Justice Spokesperson Niall Collins TD has called on Deputy Gerry Adams to answer for his failure and his party’s failure to alert An Garda Siochána to the fact that a self-confessed multiple sex abuser was at large in the community when they became aware of that fact from as early as 2002. 

Local Sinn Féin representatives were involved in the case in 2002 and Deputy Adams claims that he was not told until 2009.  In any case, neither the local representatives nor Deputy Adams alerted the Gardaí that the abuser was free and posed a threat to the community.

Deputy Collins stated that an independent statutory inquiry was the only appropriate next step to establish the scale and truth of the issue.

He commented, “In the face of the extraordinary and disturbing revelations arising from last night’s BBC Spotlight Investigation, Sinn Féin’s response has been that after a number of years, the victim in this instance was encouraged to report the crime to the Gardaí.

“Putting to one side the entirely unacceptable delay in giving this advice, the question remains why no one from the Sinn Féin party, from its leader down, thought it appropriate to inform the Gardaí themselves that a self-confessed multiple abuser was at large and at liberty to re-offend?

“It is a question Deputy Adams has avoided to date, but one which he must answer.

“It is increasingly clear that Sinn Féin will not give an honest account of this issue themselves, so they must be compelled to do so.  For that reason Fianna Fáil believes that a statutory inquiry is the only appropriate next step.  We have made it clear that our preference is for an all-Ireland inquiry but logistical difficulties in establishing this should be allowed to stop the matter being properly investigated.”