Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Dublin John Lahart says the government needs to seriously step up plans for installing charging points for electric cars in Dublin. The call comes following worrying new information released to Deputy Lahart, which reveals that no new charging points have been installed in Dublin since 2016.

“The information contained in the reply I received from the Minister is only further evidence of Fine Gael’s all talk, no action approach to government. Despite the rhetoric, the fact that no new charge points have been installed in Dublin since 2016 is a clear indication of the priority this government places on reducing emission and going green”, said Deputy Lahart.

“Sales of e-vehicles are rising, however people are still concerned about range and charging facilities. The fact of the matter is while there is a concerted drive to get motorists to switch to more environmentally friendly cars, there is simply not the infrastructure in place to make it happen.

“While Minister Bruton claims that a state-of-the-art electric vehicle fast charging network is in development, the locations of the chargers have not been finalised, and in fact, when you drill down into the information, 250 of the “new” chargers are actually simply replacing standard chargers. We still don’t know if there will be any additional chargers in Dublin.

“Given the recent Environmental Protection Agency report, which found that Dublin’s air pollution is breaching EU limits, with increased levels of nitrogen dioxide caused by traffic impacting people’s health, I believe the government needs to act faster in making the move to e-driving more accessible”, concluded Deputy Lahart.