Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Agriculture Michael Moynihan TD has come out strongly against the Government’s plans to introduction an annual charge on septic tanks, describing it is as a further attack on rural dwellers. 


Deputy Moynihan said: “I am a seeking clarification from the Minister for Environment Phil Hogan on his Government’s plans to introduce the septic tank charge for over 450,000 households and farms around the country. Those affected are likely to be hit with an extra bill of around €300 a year, on top of the Government’s new household charge coming into effect in January and water charges from.


“All of this in addition to a proposed new charge for the registration and inspection of septic tanks for rural homes and farm buildings has caused anger and distress in rural communities. Quite frankly, many people are worried about how they will cope with these multiple taxes.


“It seems to me that Minister Hogan is using the argument that some septic tanks may be defective as a cover for bringing in an estimated €300 charge to simply collect even more revenue from rural dwellers.  All the extra charges add up and put unsustainable pressure on households, particularly in rural communities, who are already struggling to pay their bills.


“I am not opposed to reasonable measures that would prevent any defective septic tanks from polluting water tables, but it is totally unacceptable for Minister Hogan to use this objective as cover for extracting an estimated annual charge of €300 from rural dwellers,” concluded Deputy Moynihan.