Local Fianna Fáil TD, John Curran has said that while lastnight’s Garda seizure of over €1.8 million worth of illegally imported drugs in Ronanstown is helpful, drug busts need to occur more often to crackdown on the sale and distribution of illegal substances in the area.

He commented, “Illegally imported drugs severely tamper with an individual’s mental and physical health, and are of particular danger to young people who are more likely to consider dabbling in recreational use.

“The unprescribed use of benzodiazepines such as Diazepam and Xanex has infiltrated the illicit drugs market in our city and at a rate that is difficult to control in any manner. That said it is not impossible to stamp out a community drug problem.

“Yesterday’s intelligence led seizure assures us that the co-ordinated sharing of information among European and international colleagues in law enforcement has real potential to defeat organised and drug related crime in our city’s suburbs.

“According to data published by the Dublin City Council Policing Forum this week, more people than ever before are taking illegal drugs. In the first eight months of this year it’s estimated that drug related crime in the capital increased by 11%.

“Busts such as this one in Ronanstown are constructive but must happen at a more frequent pace to have any meaningful impact of the flow of drugs into and around the city.

“Local drug units operating within An Garda Síochana need to be properly resourced to be able to continue to carry out these hauls and obstruct drug dealing in communities,” concluded Deputy Curran.