Fianna Fáil Constituency Representative in Dublin Rathdown, Justin McAleese has responded to Minister Shane Ross’s attempt to distance himself from the BusConnects project.

It has emerged in media reports today that at a residents meeting held in the constituency this week, Minister Ross claimed that the BusConnects project has “nothing to do with him.”

He has made this claim despite the fact that he is the Minister for Transport with responsibility for the National Transport Authority – the agency that oversees the BusConnects project.

“It is remarkable that judicial appointments, the location of Garda Stations and peace in North Korea appear to fall under the remit of the Minister for Transport but the €770m BusConnects plan, which was officially launched by the Minister 18 months ago, does not,” said McAleese.

“It is ironic that the Minister is proposing to make a submission through the public consultation process about a transport policy that he has the ultimate responsibility for.”

“Speaking of transport policy, it is hugely concerning that the Minster has not yet published the cost benefit analysis of the proposed MetroLink project. The current plan will see the closure of stations between Charlemont and Sandyford on the recently opened cross-city Luas line for between 18 to 24 months and will mark the end of the LUAS green line as we currently know it. This will seriously disrupt and inconvenience commuters across Dublin.

“Both BusConnects and MetroLink are billion-euro projects and it is the Minister for Transport’s responsibility to ensure that they serve the best interests of the public, provide value for money and the most efficient service possible.

“Standing back, taking a back-seat role and claiming it has nothing to do with him is just insulting to voters.” he concluded.