Fianna Fáil Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee says that spiralling insurance premiums is putting childcare places in North Dublin at risk.

Childcare facilities have said they may be forced to increase fees for thousands of parents in the New Year, while some providers say they may be forced to close because of the rising increasing premiums.

Senator Clifford-Lee said: “Over 1,000 childcare providers are going to be directly affected by the increase, which will come into effect early next year. This is causing serious concerns to both the business owner in question and parents who fear that childcare facilities will be forced to close.

“There is already a severe lack of childcare places as it is in North Dublin and this is putting increasing pressure on families.

“Some crèches and play schools are being quoted more than double or triple their current insurance policies in quotes. We need to see an urgent address to this very concerning issue. Business owners are getting quotes back that are three times what they normally would have paid.”

“If nothing is done we will lose hundreds of places in North Dublin and potentially thousands across the country. Action needs to be taken before businesses are forced to shut their doors,” concluded Senator Clifford-Lee.