Local Fianna Fáil T.D. Timmy Dooley has called on Junior Minister Michael Ring to apologise to the staff of Clare County Council for casting a slur on their skill and professionalism.

‘Minister Ring should immediately clarify his comments and apologise for the slur he has cast on the professional integrity of Clare County Council Staff’. Minister Ring has suggested that engineers from outside Clare should be brought into the county to make decisions regarding road signs.

‘The assertion that an engineer from another county would interpret National Guidelines differently is farcical and shows how out of touch the Minister is’.

‘The controversy surrounding the removal of road signs at Ballyvaughan is a serious issue that needs to be resolved however Minister Ring’s intervention is uninformed and unhelpful’.

‘The issue in Ballyvaughan arises from the council following National Guidelines and National Roads Authority directives so it would be more in the Minister’s line to deal with the issue at Department of Transport level where he is a junior Minister’.