Fianna Fáil TD for Cork North West Aindrias Moynihan has called on the
Minister for Employment Affairs & Social Protection to issue an updated
application form for the State pension to prevent a duplication of work for
applicants and administration staff.

The current form does not reflect the changes brought in under new legislation,
which means the Department will have to contact applicants to review their
information, leading to processing delays.

Deputy Moynihan explained, “Recent figures provided to Fianna Fáil revealed
that almost 86,000 people are waiting on a review of their pension entitlements
following the change in the law. 
However, only 4,000 reviews have been carried out to date.  The fact that the Department is continuing to
use an old form, which doesn’t reflect the new changes is no doubt contributing
to these delays. 

“I am repeating my call for the Minister to issue updated forms so that
applicants can include all of the relevant information from the start instead
of waiting for the Department to contact them to review and update their
details.  The current system is
essentially a doubling up of the work – and the fact that only 4,000 reviews
have been completed is a clear indication that a new application system is

“I previously raised concerns about the use of the old form, fearing that it
would create delays – and the current backlog only serves to support these

“We need to make the system as straightforward and as user friendly as possible
– only then will this backlog be cleared.

“Minister Doherty needs to introduce a revised application form, in English and
Irish, so that applicants can include all relevant information from the outset
and which will allow the backlog in reviews can be cleared faster.”