Local TD, Mary Butler has hailed the resumption of scheduled commercial flights from Waterford Airport to London Luton, Birmingham and Manchester as a massive day for the county, and the entire South East.

For a full 12 months, the airport has been without these scheduled services, leaving many to question to future viability of the airport.

“However, today’s announcement is clear sign that not only does the airport have a future, but that there are investors willing to put money behind that future.

“I want to commend Aer South East, and the management of Waterford Airport, for working so hard to getting these new services up and off the ground.

“The aviation industry can be tough, and the airport has seen its fair share of setbacks in recent years, but I believe that with this announcement, a new chapter has begun.

“What now must happen is the delivery of funding to pay for the extension of the runway to allow larger aircraft use the airport, offering longer distance services to mainland Europe. This will ensure the future of the airport, and secure the many local jobs that are dependent on the airport being fully operational.

“With flights set to resume from July 24th, this is a major boost for the local economy. I would urge all those considering taking a flight to the UK to use the local airport, and the local routes, that will now be on offer,” concluded Butler.