According to Cllr Paul McAuliffe, “crumbling speed ramps in Finglas and across the city are posing a real danger to pedestrians and motorists alike. The red asphalt ramps which were installed by Dublin City council 6 years ago have now degraded and in many cases resemble the surface of a rally track rather than a public road.

“These ramps were only installed 6 years ago and I have tried everything to get them repaired. The contract with the supplier does not have any guarantee which we can use to recover the cost and it now looks like the council will have to spend thousands to make them safe again. In my area alone the council has agreed to spend €20,000 on speed ramp repairs. I can only imagine what the cost across the city might be.”

“One large ramps on the Clune Road / Ballygall Road junction has literally turned to dust and older people crossing are slipping and falling. “These raised plateau type ramps can cost over €10,000 to install and have been destroyed by usage and poor weather”. On Grove Park Road, traffic calming speed cushions which are used on bus routes and cost between €4000 and €6000 are disappearing. They are worn away on either side of the ramp by cars seeking to avoid the ramp. It’s a real danger to motorists using the road.”

In a report to the city council’s traffic committee last year the city council admitted that “many of the speed ramps, particularly those in red asphalt and modular paving have not lasted well. “ and “the endurance of the red asphalt has become problematic. “The general situation is that many of the red asphalt ramps are raveling, particularly where traffic is heavy.”

However admitting the problem is only half the battle said Cllr McAuliffe, I have seen this problem all over the city and it is time councillors and officials find the money within the City Budget to fix the problem.