Shane Ellis

Sligo–Leitrim candidate for Fianna Fáil in the general election.

Meet Shane

I am a Fianna Fianna Fáil candidate for Sligo-Leitrim for the next General Election. I look forward to working for you and the people of Sligo-Leitrim. Please get in touch if I can be of any assistance.

➡️ Housing: The building and provision of local authority housing. The provision of planning permission for one-off rural housing.

➡️ Agriculture: Reduction of the afforestation of the constituency and development of a sustainable practical suckler cow scheme. Supports for young farmers.

➡️ Jobs and small business support: Creation of sustainable long term jobs for the constituency and support small business, retailers and town centres in the constituency.

➡️ Infrastructure: Better Broadband roll-out, cellular coverage, 4G for the constituency and continuation of M4 motorway from Mullingar to Sligo.

➡️ Education: Affordable education for all students and access to affordable accommodation.

➡️ University status for Sligo I.T.

➡️ Health: A transparent and fair health system, which provides and takes care of most vulnerable and sick.

Get in touch with Shane

For any issues, contact Shane by email or telephone.

Email: shaneellisff@hotmail.com
Phone: 086 822 7304