Cllr. Suzanne Doyle

Councillor on Kildare County Council

Meet Suzanne

Suzanne strives to build integrated and balanced communities for Kildare South and aims to ensure that our forward planning accommodates this approach long into the future. She primarily believes in practical and effective local government that delivers quality housing through an equitable approach in housing allocations. She is proactive in planning that supports and promotes job creation within the local area.

Suzanne is passionate about managing the huge commuter population in Kildare through seeking to balance the working to living ratio within the county. She is campaigning for recognition of the different status of Kildare South in areas of local government as the constituency is competing with neighbouring southern counties but bearing cost structures more akin to North Kildare or South Dublin.

Get in touch with Suzanne

For any issues, contact Suzanne by email or telephone.


Kildare Town,
County Kildare

Email: suzannedoylemcc@eircom.net
Phone: 087 952 1232