Ballyfermot Fianna Fáil representative Daithí de Róiste has said he is extremely concerned about local reports of anti-social behaviour being planned in the area this evening to mark Halloween.

Daithí said: “I would urge parents with young children who are trick-or-treating this evening to ensure they’re supervised and are safe this evening.  There are a lot of reports locally that serious anti-social behaviour has been planned for tonight.

“Last year five Gardaí were injured, one extremely seriously, in Halloween night violence and I know the residents in the community do not a repeat of that appalling behaviour.  I know the Gardaí are aware that some groups may be intent on causing mayhem this evening and will be on alert for that. 

“It’s important that residents in Ballyfermot and across the city are able to enjoy the Halloween night celebrations and are not terrorised in their own community.  This is always an extremely busy time for the emergency services and they should be commended for their work.  I hope tonight people will be able to mark the festivities safely and that they do not descend into anti-social behaviour.”