Fianna Fáil Senator Terry Leydon has called for cross party support as his Bill, the Registration of Wills Bill 2016, comes back into the Seanad on March 6th. The Bill aims at providing a clear statutory basis for the registration of wills and will enable a person making a will, or the solicitor, to register the details of a will with a central authority.

Senator Leyden said “Many people have been deprived of their rightful inheritance by the lack of a will or the inability to find the will of a family member. I am open to working with Fine Gael and others to see this Bill pass to the next stage and have called on them in the Seanad to work with us to support the Bill.

“I have met many families who have explained to me the urgent need for this legislation. This Bill provides for the privacy of the registered particulars of the will prior to the testator’s death. This will underpin the development of a modern system of registration of wills that respond to the needs of modern society.

“The Bill will be brought back into the Seanad on March 6th. I have asked the Leader of the Seanad to speak with Minister Doherty to ensure we move this Bill on from the Seanad into the Dáil. I look forward to working with my colleagues to ensure its passing to the next stage,” concluded Senator Leyden.