The flooding on Monday night brought the Dargle River to its brink, the water level climbed to within two feet of breaching its banks and causing havoc for homes and businesses in Little Bray, according to Cllr David Grant.
When it became clear that the river level would rise many people in the vicinity of it contacted me with trepidation in their voices and fear that a flood the scale of that seen in 1986 could unfold.
Thankfully the rain stopped, high tide passed and the water level began to recede. The Town Council had activated the emergency plan and the Civil Defence and An Garda Siochana were called in but once it was clear after midnight that the threat had passed the plan was stood down.
Throughout the evening when the risk was present there were plenty of residents checking on the water level in the river and could not go to bed until they knew it was safe to do so.
“When we witness what happened around Dublin and along the East Coast, we know how lucky Bray was on this occasion to escape a disaster.  But the people of Little Bray cannot rely on luck to prevent damage and destruction to their homes, they need the flood prevention works to start now.
The last Government signed off the Dargle Flood Protection Scheme on and a contractor appointed.  On coming into office, Fine Gael and Labour have pulled the funding ear-marked for the works.
Over the past few weeks we have heard from the Minister with responsibility for the Office of Public Works, Brain Hayes TD, tell the people of his native Clontarf to quickly decide on scheme so that works can start and that lessons should be learnt from this week’s events.  Meanwhile the people of Little Bray must hold their breath.
Our local Fine Gael and Labour TDs have also backed up this attitude.  All quick to come out and call for better action and the implementation of the flood scheme but at the same time continuing to defend the Government’s decision to postpone indefinitely the start of the Dargle scheme.
Political decisions made by this Government and supported by Wicklow’s Fine Gael and Labour TDs have consequences for people.  This has never been so clear as Monday night’s storm.”