Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Transport, Robert Troy TD has said the realities of what would transpire in the event of a no-deal Brexit are already becoming apparent and that the chaos it would cause motorists would have far-reaching consequences.

Deputy Troy was commenting following a special briefing from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) and said, “Today I facilitated a briefing in the Oireachtas by the MIBI which reinforced the ramifications motorists travelling across the border will face in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

“The MIBI have issued about one million Green Card forms as well as electronic application templates, to insurance companies and insurance brokers. Motorists will need to apply for these green cards from next week in order to have them in time to travel across the border in the immediate aftermath of a no-deal Brexit.

“The consequences of not having a green card post March 29th if there is no-deal are quite severe and motorists must take heed of the warning from the MIBI. Those who travel across the border face automatic impoundment of their vehicles or fines if found without a green card.

“The information session today is part of a campaign to make motorists aware of their legal obligations in the event of no-deal. Many of my own colleagues from the border constituencies were not aware of the ramifications and it’s vital that people are better informed.

“On average, around 13,000 cross border journeys are made by those driving heavy goods vehicles and light goods vehicles. Not only will this cause major hardship for businesses and companies but it will be a major hindrance to the people living along the border.

“There are thousands of people who cross the border every day for work, school, college, medical appointments and to simply visit family or friends. It is imperative for these people that they can continue in their daily lives without impediments”, concluded Deputy Troy.