Fianna Fáil’s Transport Spokesperson, Robert Troy has called on the transport unions and Dublin Bus to return to the talks table without any preconditions in order to end the ongoing bus strikes that are causing havoc for Dubliners.

“How can any progress be made when both sides have pre-determined positions, and seem unwilling to deviate from them? Both sides need to commit to entering talks open to full negotiation,” said Troy.

“Minister Ross must also come to the table with his vision for Dublin Bus. He’s the major shareholder, and needs to provide strategic direction to the company.”

“At the heart of this issue is the inability of Dublin Bus to plan its budgets, and in particular, its expenditure. Minister Ross needs, as a matter of urgency, commit to providing Dublin Bus with a multi-annual funding framework.”

“From year to year, the management of Dublin Bus don’t know how much they will get, via subvention, from the Department of Transport. How can we expect them to plan for unforeseen circumstances such as pay claims from the unions?”

“Every day that the unions, Dublin Bus and the Minister disengage from meaningful negotiations is a day wasted. Hundreds of thousands of people are being affected by this strike. We cannot let it run into a third week.”

“We need to be creative in addressing the congestion caused by these strikes. For example, the Minister should ensure that commuters who car-share, that is multiple passengers in the same car, should be allowed to use the bus lanes. The Minister should consult with organisations, such as, to alleviate this traffic-nightmare for Dubliners,” concluded Troy.