Senator Averil Power has welcomed the release of the three Irish-trained doctors in Bahrain who had been arrested following the crackdown on anti-government protestors in Bahrain last March.

The doctors had been on hunger strike since 31st August in protest at their continued unlawful detention, torture, and trial in military court.

According to Senator Power, “In July I was part of an Irish delegation that travelled to Bahrain to campaign for the release of the medics and meet with their families. We heard incredibly harrowing tales of how they had been arrested on fabricated charges and tortured in custody. I was delighted to hear today that they have finally been released. They are still facing charges but at least they are at home now with their families and can stop the hunger strike. Our delegation will continue to campaign for the charges against them to be dropped and for the basic human rights and freedoms of the Bahraini people to be respected by their government.”