Fianna Fáil Dublin City Councillor for Ballymun, Paul McAuliffe has reacted to reports that the operator of the plant in Poolbeg is to face six counts of breaching the conditions of the licence granted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The public private partnership between Dublin City Council and Covanta; ‘Dublin Waste to Energy’ is alleged to have failed to notify the EPA by 10am the following working day after an incident occurring at the facility earlier this year.

McAuliffe commented, “It was particularly concerning earlier this year when there was a serious incident at the plant which left a number of workers hospitalised and could have potentially exposed those living or working nearby to high levels of dioxins. In fact, it’s believed that there have been almost 15 breaches of regulation at the Poolbeg Incinerator in the past 7 months.

“Protocol at the plant must be stringently examined and consistently held to the standards set out by the EPA in order to protect the human health of Dubliners and in particular the residents of the greater South Dublin area.

“A number of Dublin residents have been in touch regarding the smell of emissions and release of dust particles.

“Dublin Waste to Energy has a moral obligation foremost to comply with the licence granted by the EPA but also to protect residents at any cost.

“Furthermore, the Government, together with the Dublin City Council officials responsible for oversight of the Poolbeg site must do what is necessary to assure the public that any potential breaches are dealt with with the full rigour of the law.

“It is crucial for the peace of mind of those living across Dublin that the EPA demonstrates a zero tolerance approach to any further incidents that could jeopardise public safety or impact the environment.”