Fianna Fáil Press Office
Mary Fitzpatrick
Dublin Central

16 December 2015

Phibsborough Local Area Plan too important to be abandoned  – Fitzpatrick

Fianna Fáil candidate for Dublin Central Mary Fitzpatrick maintains that the Phibsborough Local Area Plan (LAP) is too important to be abandoned and called on Dublin City Council (DCC) to allow another vote on the issue.

“The vote on 7 December should be deemed invalid and another vote should be called at the special meeting tomorrow,” urged Ms Fitzpatrick who pointed out that there were numerous aspects of how the vote was taken that could have it considered invalid:

  • The item was taken during extra time to the meeting
  • Proper process was not followed submitting the amending motion
  • Councillors were given no advance notice that the plan was to be amended
  • A written copy of the motion was not circulated to all City Councillors
  • There was a lot of confusion in the chamber
  • The vote on the amendment was taken three times
  • The vote on adoption or rejection of the plan was taken twice
  • The rejection of the plan was passed by only one vote

“The rejection of the Phibsborough Local Area Plan at the meeting on 7 December  was a major set-back for the area,” she said.

“It was a body blow to the local community, to the many residents and voluntary groups who worked so hard for many years and it also a huge waste of public funds. There is major upset in the area that this has happened.”

The LAP is one of two items on the agenda at a special meeting of Dublin City Council tomorrow Thursday 17 December. “I am calling on all Councillors to attend this meeting and to support my call for a proper vote to be taken in the issue,” she added.

“Phibsborough both needs and deserves a proper statutory Local Area Plan. We should not be short changed. Phibsborough should not be treated as a second class part of the city.”