Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Disability, Margaret Murphy O’Mahony has cautioned against the potential loss of disabled bathrooms in public buildings and other buildings as a result of the move towards gender neutral toilets.

“I have no problem whatsoever with introducing gender neutral bathrooms but it cannot happen to the detriment of the number of disabled bathrooms.

“Many building owners may see a disabled bathroom as an easy option for converting into a gender neutral bathroom instead of increasing the overall number of bathrooms.

“This is the easy way out, but it should be resisted at all costs.

“Disabled bathrooms are, in many parts of Ireland, few and far between. Any reduction in their number will have a detrimental impact on people with disabilities in this country.

“Making buildings disability-friendly needs to be a priority for government, local authorities and for private developers.

“We cannot allow a reduction in disabled bathrooms in the pursuit of more gender neutral bathrooms,” concluded Murphy O’Mahony.