On this last day before polling, Micheál Martin Leader of Fianna Fáil said “As we approach the end of the campaign I hope that as many people as possible cast their vote tomorrow.

“We have a great country and great people and Ireland needs a government that works and listens to people.

“We do not need another government of spin and broken promises. Fine Gael and Labour are out of touch and attacking anyone who point out any problems. They have ignored concerns on housing, homelessness health and crime. We have had five unfair budgets in a row and Fine Gael’s rallying call is ‘Keep this going’.

“In 2012 there were 8 families a month becoming homeless and now in 2016 it is four families a day.  We cannot keep this going.

“We cannot have more of the same.  Ireland can have an economic recovery as well as a decent society. Fianna Fáil is committed to building “An Ireland for All” where economic growth is felt across the nation.

Our plan for the next five years is fully and independently costed.

“Our priorities are:

  • Create decent jobs and support enterprise
  • Cut family costs and improve services people rely on
  • Tackle crime and develop community services
  • Secure home ownership and tackle homelessness

“Fine Gael’s objective of reducing taxation to US levels would represent a dramatic move towards a more unequal society with poorer public services and a declining infrastructure.

“By contrast, Fianna Fáil’s approach is much more sustainable as we are not making promises that we cannot deliver.  Unlike the other parties, we have learned the lessons of the past.

“I am asking people who believe in a fairer society to vote for Fianna Fáil.”