Despite  growing  pressure over the last few days on  the German Commissioner Guenther Oettinger, he is yet to apologise and retract  his  proposal to fly the flags of “deficit sinners” at half mast.  
 Pat the Cope Gallagher, MEP  stated  today  “I am one of some 150 cross-party  MEPs who have signed  a letter to Commissioner President Barrosso calling on Commissioner Oettinger to retract his statement or resign.   Given his position in the EU executive, we can not just sit back and ignore such statements by a Commissioner on top of the fact that    he is an influential  member of Chancellor Merkels party and is a former Prime Minister for his Region.  I belive that this was a deliberate and planned comment so as to gain political approval in Germany. ”
He continued “We have not yet heard an apology from the Commissioner – it is simple –  retract or resign.  I would also like to remind him that Ireland is complying with the EU austerity proposals and on target to reach the Growth and Stability targets .  In a climate of continuing anti-European sentiment, Mr Oettinger ‘s comments are not only unhelpful but more worryingly are fundamentally anti-European. “