Building a Better Regional and Local Road Network

Fianna Fáil will invest in our roads network to ensure strong connectivity across the island.

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Repair our roads

Years of neglect has left Ireland’s road network in a sorry state. Local communities are driving on roads that are full of potholes and in major disrepair. This is reducing the safety of our roads and increasing travel time around the country. We will ensure that local authorities receive funding to target the repair of secondary and regional roads.

Fianna Fáil will establish a National Infrastructure Commission to plan over a 25 year period and make sure that Ireland has the infrastructure we need to thrive in the modern world.

All Issues in Transport

Better Regional & Local Road Network

A good road network, reliable public transport and modern ports and airports, are key to balanced regional growth and Ireland’s transition to a green economy.

Improving Public Transport

Everyday thousands of Irish commuters spend hours in bumper-to-bumper traffic or on overcrowded buses, with no alternative to get to work.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Currently, buying an electric vehicle is not a viable option for too many Irish people. If Ireland is to meet our climate change targets, this must change.

Establish A National Infrastructure Commission

Fianna Fáil has proposed that a new National Infrastructure Commission tasked with planning ahead over a 25 year period beyond the limited 5 year cycle of current capital plans should be established.

Protecting Ireland’s Ports and Airports

two thirds of Irish exports shipping to continental Europe do so via the United Kingdom, owing to faster connection times and the UK land bridge.

Tackling Congestion

To tackle congestion, there has to be viable and dependable alternatives to private car transport. This means investing in Ireland’s public transport network to ensure that all commuters have an easy way to get to work, whether by cycling, hopping on a bus or train, or by walking.

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