A Decent Standard of Living in Retirement

Increase the State Pension and implement an auto-enrolment pension system.

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A good life in retirement

The State Pension is the cornerstone of pension provision in Ireland. It helps prevent poverty in retirement and it acknowledges the contribution that older people have made to our society. As a party, we are committed to protecting and incrementally increasing the State Pension to ensure that older people have sufficient income and adequate resources to have a decent standard of living in retirement. We will also incrementally address the pension anomaly which denies many people, and women in particular, their entitlement to a full State Pension.

While protecting the State Pension, we are also acutely cognisant of the need to encourage people to save for their own retirement. Only 35% of people in the private sector have private pensions. Such a low level of coverage is not sustainable given demographic changes and increased life expectancy. Therefore a concerted effort must be made to increase coverage and address the pension provision deficit in Ireland.

Fianna Fáil’s plan to improve retirement

  1. Increase the State Pension

    The state pension needs to keep up with the increases in cost of living.

  2. Address the pension anomaly

    Incrementally address the pension anomaly.

  3. Free travel

    Protect the Free Travel Scheme.

  4. Move to an auto-enrolment scheme

    Introduce an auto-enrolment pension scheme.

All Issues in Social Protection

Set Up a Basic Income Commission

A Basic Income Commission will look at the feasibility of introducing a basic income system in Ireland.

Address Child Poverty

By increasing payments and targeting supports at children.

Making Work Pay

Reform the social welfare system to address poverty and unemployment traps.

Recognising the Social Inclusion Role of CE & Tús Schemes

Rebalance CE & Tús Schemes and recognise their social inclusion as well as activation functions.

Supporting People with Disabilities

Support disability inclusion and increase supports for people with disabilities.

A Decent Standard of Living in Retirement

Increase the state pension and implement an auto-enrolment pension system.

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