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Fianna Fáil values the work of our Defence Forces and takes pride in their achievements at home and abroad.

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However we are hugely concerned by the full blown retention crisis currently being experienced in the Defence Forces. Despite a number of high profile recruitment campaigns, there has been an overall drop in the numbers serving in the Defence Forces. At the same time, we are hearing stories of families of Defence Forces members struggling to put food on the table and relying on social welfare payments to get by on a week to week basis. This is an affront to the men and women who serve our country with distinction.

We will treat our Defence Forces with much greater levels of respect in terms of appropriate pay and working conditions.

Fianna Fáil’s plan to support our Defence Forces

  1. FEMPI

    Review the FEMPI changes to Defence Forces’ allowances.

  2. A new Pay Commission

    Establish a permanent Defence Forces Pay Commission.

  3. Grow the force

    Increase the Defence Forces to 10,500 over time.

  4. Address structure

    Address the damaging 2012 reorganisation of the Defence Forces and restore a three brigade structure.

  5. Greater military expertise

    Ensure greater military expertise in the Department of Defence who have made some concerning and damaging decisions affecting our defence forces.

  6. Spending

    Examine the present structure of the Department of Defence to enhance the input and discretion of military management in decisions over defence spending.

  7. The Working Time Directive (WTD)

    Honour the Working Time Directive (WTD) which the government is currently not implementing properly.

  8. The Reserve Defence Force

    Give the Reserve Defence Force a defined role and enable them to play a meaningful and worthwhile role in support to the Permanent Defence Forces.

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